In an era of fast food and discount grocers, Robin and Charlie Weyand decided to go a different way - making The Pigheaded Butcher more than a local meat market. They use only locally sourced, pastured meats from humane, sustainable farms in the Potomac region to deliver well raised, dry aged beef, as well as pork, lamb and poultry.
We established an environment-first mentality through the entire project. We sourced recycled paper stocks and environmentally friendly printers for cards, stationary, menus, POS takeaways and direct mailers. We used rescued wood from local farms and renovation projects on the counters and display tables, and they even used recycled flooring tiles from the butcher shop where Charlie served as an apprentice.
Trade Gothic was our primary font for the logotype as well as our body copy on printed and web collateral. Brothers was used as the secondary family. We chose colors that felt natural, calm and organic. The photography style was journalistic, with the goal of showing customers exactly what they paid for.
By working small and local, they can make a direct impact on the economy and health of their neighborhood, as well as reducing their carbon footprint and supporting local farmers.

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