It's Always A Great Day In The Forest. Especially Cook Forest. It's known as the "Forest Cathedral" to adventurers, and it's home to some of the most impressive flora east of the Mississippi. The owners of this family owned and operated cabin rental business were looking for a logo that not only communicated their business, but also positioned them as stewards of this amazing natural landscape. Our logo, built of elements representing the Pennsylvania keystone, a cabin, and a towering pine are set in a circular enclosure, giving it the feel of a vintage forest ranger patch.  It’s a very flexible, responsive graphic, and can be shrunken down to an impossibly small .5” without losing readability.
  Akzidenz Grotesk (AG) BQ is the base typeface, with AG Ultra Condensed Bold as the main font, and AG Condensed Medium as our accessory font. It's a masculine typeface, but he design of the feet and ascenders/descenders gives it a natural playfulness. This allows us to use strong corners and angles in the logo's central elements without making the logo feel hard. This comfortable contrast will give the logo a long shelf-life, as both the typeface and the iconography are timeless.
While it's great that the logo can be used in a Tony setting and retain it's readability, it's also good to have some non-textual options. As the logo gains traction in both the community and the business space, the owners can begin to use a logo without the accessory tagline on the underside of the enclosure. 
We also built smaller still icons, because why not, right? These are used in places like social media, home goods, hats, apparel and even on price tags in their general store.
The website was built in a custom CMS, in a manner that allows the owners to update their website as they see fit. We built them graphic templates to use for each part of the website, integrated their booking manager and kept it as simple as we could, as they're not only running their marketing, but all of the cabins as well. They're builders. They're workers, just like us,  and I think that synergy shows in the final products.

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